Lessons with the Master

Experiences from three years of living in Japan

Master Kanazawa’s Teachings

In this detailed and unique groundbreaking book the author relates and shares his experiences of living and training in Japan at Master Hirokazu Kanazawa’s Headquarters Dojo in Tokyo from August 1996 to July 1999 where he took an extensive diary of 279 lessons during his stay.


The Lessons with the Master book offers:

   - A detailed look at Master Kanazawa’s Headquarters Dojo

   - A breakdown of Essential Lesson Components

   - Training Tips and Teaching Tips

   - Master Kanazawa’s Teaching Methodology and System

   - Extensive Lesson Notes straight from Japan


Read the foreword to the book by Master Kanazawa.


Read this book review by Sensei Glenn Stoddard, SKIF-USA General Secretary.




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Lessons with the Master is for students and instructors of karate alike. The purpose of this book is to offer a detailed reference source of real lessons taken directly from Master Kanazawa’s SKIF Headquarters Dojo in Tokyo, Japan in the hope of giving the thousands of karate practitioners around the world ideas, tips and guidance on authentic Shotokan karate that they can incorporate into their own training and teaching drills.



“...This book is a documentation written by Paul who had a dream and strived to achieve his goal - I trust that all the readers will benefit greatly from the wealth of information provided. I wish to give my hearty recommendation.”


-Hirokazu Kanazawa, 10th Dan, President and Chief Instructor, SKIF



“In my opinion, Lessons With The Master is a terrific book and is a “must read” for serious SKIF members.”


- Glenn Stoddard, 6th Dan, General Secretary, SKIF-USA



“I am truly awed at what you have put together...it will fill a very much needed void in many Dojos and personal libraries throughout the U.S. and certainly within the SKIF family worldwide!   It is very inspiring and insightful covering many of the unknowns that I and many others have sought answers to. The many tips, lessons and training aids will add so much more to our Dojo curriculum.”


- Mike Cook, 6th Dan Secretary, SKIF-USA


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